Liste des orateurs

  • Lucrezia Cossetti (Rome): Schrödinger operators with complex potentials: transition from spectra to pseudospectra.
  • K.Pankrashkin (Orsay): TBA
  • L.A.Chernozatonskii  (Emmanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics, Moscow) (with Ph.Lambin and Kh.Rakhimov), Wave packet scattering of Dirac and Schr¨odinger particles on potential barriers in graphene nanostructures
  • S.Yu.Dobrokhotov (Institute for Problems in Mechanics, Moscow): New integral representation for the Maslov canonical operator and applications.
  • V.E.Nazaikinskii (Institute for Problems in Mechanics, Moscow): Asymptotics in Problems with Localized Functions on the Right-Hand Sides and in the Boundary Data
  • A.A.Fedotov (St. Petersburg State University): Difference Schr\ »odinger equation with the potential exp(-2i\pi x).
  • T.Suslina (St. Petersburg State University): Homogenization of the stationary Maxwell system with periodic coefficients
  • Marco Oppio (Trento): Quantum theory in real and quaternionic Hilbert space:  How the complex Hilbert space structure emerges from Poincare  symmetry.
  • Thomas Ourmieres-Bonafos (Orsay):  Dirac operators with shell interactions
  • Annalisa Panati (Toulon): Energy fluctuations in quantum statistical mechanics.
  • Magda Khalile (Orsay): Laplacians with Robin boundary conditions in 2-D domains with corners.
  • A.Yu.Anikin (Institute for Problems in Mechanics, Moscow): Semi-classical asymptotics for operators with non-trivial subpricipal symbol and application to graphene equation.
  • D.S.Minenkov (Institute for Problems in Mechanics, Moscow): TBA
  • D.G.Kvashnin (Emmanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics, National University of Science and Technology MISiS, Moscow) (with L.Chernozatonskii, G.Mark, P. Vancso, P.Sorokin): Wave packet dynamics and electronic properties of novel perforated bilayered graphene.
  • E.V.Shchetka  (St. Petersburg State University): On the quasiclassical asymptotics of solutions to systems of difference equations  with close branch points of the complex momentum
  • Pavel Petrov (V.I.Il’ichev Pacific Oceanological Institute, Vladivostok):  Whispering gallery waves in shallow-water geoacoustic waveguides
  • Iliya Bogaevskii (Moscow University): Arnold’s interior scattering in graphene
  • Koen Reijnders (Radboub University, Niejmingen): TBA
  • Sarah de Nigris (INRIA, Lyon): Graph spectral characterisation of the XY model on complex network
  • Alain Grigis (Paris 13): Excited resonance widths for Helmholtz resonators with straight neck.
  • Mikhael Hartig (CPT, Toulon, CPT)
    Long range Van der Waals-London interaction in pseudo-relativistic molecules.
  • Frederic Klopp (UPMC): Resonances for large samples of random media.
  • Henrik Uebershar (UPMC): Intermediate Eigenvalue Statistics.


Joachim ASCH (Toulon)
Jean-Marie BARBAROUX (Toulon)
Sylvain ZALCKER (Toulon)
Claude-Alain PILLET (Toulon)
Vojkan JAKSIC (Montreal)
Philippe BRIET (Toulon)
Mohamed MOUNEIME (Toulon)
Eugenia POLENTA (Toulon)
Jean-Michel COMBES (Toulon)