The workshop will take place in Downtown Campus.

It is a 20 minutes walk from the train station, and 10 minutes walk from most of the hotels mentionned on this site.

The exact address is « 70 Avenue Campus porte d’italie Roger Devoucoux 83000 TOULON »
(google map works well with this address). On that spot are located, on one side, the Faculty of Law, and on the other side, the Faculty of Economy. The workshop is at the Economy Faculty. You will recognize it to its three white buildings (see map ). The conference room is located in the building « FA » (Faron), and labelled FA010.

You can find more information on the location here: Campus . Click on the link « PLAN » to access directly to the google map location.

For those who are coming by car, the closest subterranean parking lots around the Campus are Porte d’Italie and Mayol. Other ones are Peiresc, place d’Armes, la Gare, palais Liberté, Lafayette, Liberté et Facultés, and Louis Armand. Parking over the day would cost around 15EUR. Many parking lots outside are also available, but there are unfortunately few free places downtown.