Presentation of the Master of Mathematics

This Master is devoted to Funadamental and Applied Mathematics and is aimed at faculty students (undergraduate in Mathematics). The Engineer schools students can also register to comlpete their cursus.

Presentation of the cursus Fundamental Mathematics of mechanics and quantum systems.

The themes of this Masters cover a wide spectrum of the fundamental and applied mathematics which are developped in the research laboratories CPT and IMATH of the Université de Toulon. This master develops around mechanics as a methematical domain, in all its aspects :

  • Classical Mechanics
  • Quantum Mechanics (mathematical aspects and formalism)
  • Mechanics of elastic solides
  • Statistical Mechanics

The mathematical domains which are treated cover a wide spectrum of applied analysis and mathematical physics, and are :

  • PDE analysis,
  • functional analysis,
  • differential geometry
  • spectral analysis and operator algebra
  • calculus of variations,
  • scientific calculus and optimisation
  • probability theory and stochastic processes.


The aim of this Master is to bring deep knowledge on the mathematical fundations of mechanics (understood in a wide sense), as well as high end mathematical tools and methods, so that the student have the capacity to model mathematically a physical phenomenon, analyse it, and possibly simulate it numerically on the computer.

The student will have the opportunity to pursue an academic career in order to obtain a doctorate in one of the thematic areas of the course. They will also be able to broaden their path towards more digital skills, related to scientific computing, machine learning and AI, through a TER/INTERNSHIP. This may take place at the University of Toulon (e.g. in the research laboratories CPT, Cosmer, IMATH or LIS), or in industrial establishments and private companies.


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