Presentation of the Master of Mathematics

The Master of Mathematics Spec. Optimization and Mathematical Physics of the University of Toulon (UTLN) consists of two personalizable thematic orientations:

  • Mathematical physics
  • Optimization and applied analysis

This training is not only of universal nature but also, at the same time, adapted to the representative themes of the research directions in mathematics at UTLN. Amongst the latter, there are mathematical physics, optimization, calculus of variations, analysis of partial differentialequations, dynamical systems, numerical analysis, scientific computing, discrete mathematics, etc.

Each of the two years of this training is organized around a main body of courses. During the first year (Master 1), the latter goups together the basic classes as detailed here. During the second year (Master 2), the courses taught are more specialized
and fall within the two thematic orientations, cf. here.

According to the thematic orientation selected, the students have the possibility to choose teaching modules from other trainings as, e.g., at Aix Marseille University (e.g., from the Master Theoretical and mathematical physics, particle physics, and astrophysics (P3TMA) or from the Master Mathematics), at the University of Nice, or at the school of engineering SeaTech of UTLN.

During the second semester of the Master 1 and of the Master 2, a certain number of optional courses and the thesis allow the students to specialize in the direction of one of the two thematic orientations. The thesis is written under the supervision of an advisor from a research lab (CPT, IMATH, etc.), from an engineering school (SeaTech, etc.), or from an exterior company.

The structure of this master is very flexible, allowing, in the sequel, either for an integration into a profession from the area of mathematical engineering, or, concerning the students tending to do research, for a continuation of their studies through a doctoral thesis in one of the many research labs.