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EASA conference, 18-20 September 2019

  Wednesday 18th September  
9h-10h Registration
10h15 Opening
11h Muecke Stephen, University of Adelaide, Australia Ways of Life: Knowledge Transfer and Indigenous Walking Trails
12h15 Lunch  
13h30-15h Workshops 1/2/3  
1 Klepač Tihana, University of Zagreb, Croatia Rosa Praed’s My Australian Girlhood as an ‘Alter’ Space
  Potter Miriam, ANU/Paris Sorbonne, Australia/France Voss, Seeing and Reading Alter-Land
  Polak Iva et Tihana Klepac, University of Zagreb, Croatia Desert in Claire G. Coleman’s Terra Nullius as an alter/native space of Australia’s futurity
2 Giovanangeli Angela, University of Technology, Sydney Interactivity and Encounter in Contemporary Australian Art Practices: Engaging the Public with Invisible Histories and Cultural Ownership
  Singeot Laura, Université Paris10-Nanterre, France The Museum, from a colonial institution to an alter/native space: the construction of the globalised subject
  Schwartz Anja, University of Potsdam, Germany Alter/Native Pasts in Berlin’s Natural History Museum
3 Callahan David, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal Configuring Australia Globally: Adding Australia to India in The Lost Legacy
  Giffard-Foret Paul, Université Paris 13, France Aboriginal-Asian Provinces in Simone Lazaroo’s Fiction
  Herbillon Marie, University of Liège, Belgium Michelle de Kretser’s Multicultural Australia in The Life to Come: A Genuinely Alter/native Space?
15h Break  
15h30-17h Workshops 4/5/6  
4 Kušnír Jaroslav, University of Prešov, Slovakia Native and Regional Spaces in Kim Scott´s Taboo
  Kirne Jack, Deakin University, Australia Agricultural Catastrophes: Writing the Anthropocene in Carrie Tiffany’s Everyman’s Rules for Scientific Living and Kim Scott’s Taboo
  Carter David, The University of Queensland, Australia Before otherness: Australian Indigenous Authors in the US Marketplace
5 Birchall Matthew, University of Cambridge, UK The Van Diemen’s Land Company in Global Context
  Indelicato Maria Elena, University of Coimbra, Portugal Beyond Settler Belonging: Violence and Migration in the Borderlands of North Queensland
  Hu Dan, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China Identity and Sense of Belonging of Chinese Australians: a case study of Labor Party’s wechat engagement
6 Lee Christopher, Griffith and Lara Lamb, USQ, Australia Hindsight: Repatriating photographs and film in the Gulf of Papua New Guinea
  Dutto Matteo, Monash University Prato Centre, Italy Reframing the Cinematic Space of Migration: On- and Off-Screen Encounters between Italian Migrants and Indigenous Australian
  Paige Gleeson, University of Tasmania, Australia Casting Shadow Networks onto the Photographic Archive: Hobart’s ‘blackbirding’ album
18h Drinks, Town Hall  
  Thursday 19th September  
9h30-10h30 Hage Ghassan, University of Melbourne, Australia No Way: Australia from the Radical Point of Non-Belonging
10h30 Break  
11h-12h30 Workshops 1/2/3  
1 Albisson Gregory, Université de Gernoble, France Managing Natural Resources in New Zealand: Towards a Bicultural Perspective?
  Reia Farrall-Anquet, U Grenoble-Alpes/University of Tasmania, France/Australia Environmental Policy and Australian National Identity
  Russo Katherine E., Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”, Italy Alter/Natives Climate Change Justice: Risk Communication and Legal Mining Conflicts in Australian News and Literary Discourse
2 Palleau-Papin Françoise, Université Paris 13, France The weight of words in Alexis Wright’s works
  Renes Martin, University of Barcelona, Spain Towards an Indigenous, alter/native paradigm of existence: Alexis Wright’s The Swan Book (2013)
  Davidson-Novosivschei Claudia, Babes-Bolyai University, Romania My Kind and the Alter Native – a Border Perspective on David Malouf’s Remembering Babylon
3 Humphreys Sheridan, Menzies Australian Institute, King’s College London, UK Alter/Native approaches to Indigenous histories, representation and creative practice
  Foster Meg, UNSW and Visiting Researcher, Cambridge Australia/UK Mary Ann Bugg: an intersectional life
  Idle Helen, Menzies Australian Institute, King’s College London, UK Theory into practice: outside in
12h30 Lunch  
13h30-15h Workshops 4/5/6  
4 Klik Lukas, University of Vienna, Austria Multiperspectival Fiction, the Multination and Intersectional Concerns
  Lencznarowicz Jan, Kraków, Poland John Dunmore Lang and the Indigenous Australians
  Rolls Mitchell, The University of Tasmania, Australia The Slipperiness of Space: Distinguishing Difference from Disposition
5 Hauthal Janine,  Research Foundation – Flanders, Belgique European Modernities in Contemporary Australian Novels
  Marshall Brye, University of Sydney, Australia A Lock & Leprosorium in Northern Queensland
  Belleflamme Valérie-Anne, University of Liège, Belgium “Peering into the Darkness”: The Leper Colony in The Death of Noah Glass by Gail Jones
6 Auguste Isabelle, Université de la Réunion, France Alter/native :Implementing the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Australia
  Bernard Virginie, CREDO, Aix-Marseille Université, France A treaty that dares not speak its name : The Noongar Agreement in the Australian South West
  Kilroy Peter, University of London, UK Alter/native institutions: decolonisation discourse in Australia and the UK
15h Break  
15h30-17h Workshops 7/8/9  
Chair :
G.Hage 7
Daozhi Xu, China
A Pluralism of Belonging in a Multicultural Australia
  Bartha Kathrin, Monash University & Goethe University, Australia and Germany Refugee Cosmopolitics in Behrouz Boochani’s No Friend But the Mountain
  Grasso Ariana, University of Naples « L’Orientale », Italy Rewriting the Refugee Identity in Alter/Native Spaces: The Australian Case
Chair :
I.Polak 8
Elder Catriona, University of Sydney, Australia Family, race, romance and anxiety: Reading some of FJ Thwaites’ fiction
  Schwegler Astrid, University of the Balearic Islands, Spain Help destroy one of Australia’s first fake news stories: the Eliza Fraser myth
  Page, Jean, University of Lisbon, Portugal Knowing the name of things: inscribing the tourist gaze in Murray Bail’s Homesickness
Chair :
Giffard-Foret 9
David Delphine, Université Paris 1, France « Either You’re Black, or You’re Not »: Are In-between Identity Alternatives Possible in Today’s Australia
  Williams Michael, Western Sydney University, Australia Is the applicant of European (white) race or decent?
  Jensen Lars, Roskilde University, Denmark Alter whiteness. The rise (and rise) of Australian far right nationalism
17h-18h Movie  
  Friday 20th September  
9h30-10h30 Lazaroo Simone Writing and Photographing Alter/native Western Australian Individuals and Places
10h30 Break  
11h-12h30 Workshops 1/2/3/4  
Chair :
D.Carter 1
Brewster Anne, University of New South Wales, Australia Humour in Melissa Lucashenko’s Too Much Lip
  Horakova Martina, PhD, Masaryk University, Czech Republic Leah Purcell’s The Drover’s Wife as Alter/Native Canon
  Čerče Danica, Univerza v Ljubljani, Slovenia Redefining Identities in the Poetry of Jeanine Leane
Chair : A.Schwartz 2 Menzies Isa, ANU,  Australia Affect, autochthony and the Australian horse discourse: narratives of identity and belonging
  Black Prudence, The University of Adelaide, Australia Clearing Country and Opening the Skies: Indigenous Workers and the Aviation Industry
  Wergin Carsten, Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg, Germany ‘Nowhere Else But Here’, Indigenous Tourism Experiences as Alter/Native Spaces of Co-Becoming
Chair : M.Graves 3 Rechniewski Elizabeth, University of Sydney, Australia The Commemorative Struggle over the ‘Foundational Wars’ of Australia: Boer Wars and Black Wars in the Memorial Landscape
  Sawas Stéphane, INALCO, France Between Greece and Australia: Alter/native spaces of the Cretan music in A Family Affair
  Chen Hong, East China Normal University, China The shaping and reshaping impact of the Chinese language media on the Australia cultural landscape
12h30 Lunch  
13h30-14h30 Conclusion  
15h-16h EASA board meeting